The 'Toran' Garland Ready-To-Hang

The 'Toran' Garland Ready-To-Hang

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The only thing better than the Toran garland kit , is getting an already assembled one, ready to hang wherever you want. Pick from the color combinations available, or customize!

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तोरण or Toran (pronounced tow-run) have long been a way to welcome guests, deities, and good vibes in an Indian home. Usually hung in doorways to keep the good energy flowing, torans also add an element of color, design, and decoration especially during festivals and special occasions.

The Hello Namaste! toran kit is made using stiff felt and other embellishments. While it does come assembled and ready to hang, it can be restrung giving you options to achieve different looks over time from a single kit.

These torans make wonderful decorations in nurseries, children’s rooms, and playrooms! They are also a wonderful activity for guests during baby showers and birthday parties.

To customize the toran, please refer to the available color options and pick up-to three colors to be included in the special instructions during check-out.

Colors in the order they appear in the picture: dark pink, light pink, dark purple, light purple, gray, white, black, light blue, dark blue, light green, dark green, orange, yellow, red.

Perfect for kids 3+. Adult supervision recommended for younger kids who might still be tempted to put small pieces of decoration in their mouth.