A game of Hide-And-Seek with Hello Namaste! Colors

We love a good story-time around here, and my guess is that I have attended at least a bijillion since having my kids. Oh you too!? How fantastic! = )

The best story-times in my opinion, are those that include more than just reading! And I have tried to remember that as I go around town hosting bilingual story-times with the Hello Namaste! books. It’s been so much fun!


Today, I want to share with you what has proved to be the most favorite part of my story-time. I call it a game of hide-and-seek. Essentially, after reading the Hello Namaste! book of colors, I use my felt board to hide a small triangle behind big colorful felt circles. The goal is for the children to shout out the name of the color behind which they think the triangle is hiding. They usually say the names in English and I repeat them in Hindi before testing their guess. They tend to repeat the Hindi words, barely able to resist the suspense of whether or not they won. It’s funny how at this point, even the shyest kid in the bunch, is right there in the front wanting to participate.


You can do the same at home even if you don’t have an unending supply of felt like I do! Just use colorful objects from around the house. Use a sticker or something similarly small and flat for hiding. Play a few sets where they get to hide the object too. Then tally the winner! Bonus points for guesses made in Hindi of course!

Chika GujarathiComment