Is it the Batuaa Wristlet or a Minimalist's Diaper Bag?

If there is one indication of what happens to parenting methods when the third child comes around, one only needs to observe the size of the diaper bag. My hypothesis is that the size of the diaper bag is inversely related to the number of kids one has.

For instance, with Asha, I remember purchasing an official diaper bag which was then stuffed to the gills with a lot of stuff to account for every possible parenting scenario. In other words, it was HUGE.

Then Arjun came along, and I realized that there isn’t a diaper bag big enough to plan for every possible parenting scenario for two kids. And even if there was, I didn’t want to carry such a big thing around. So out came the lotions, the potions, the toys, the several outfit changes, and most of the snacks.

Now with Ajay added to the mix, I basically just laugh at the idea of a designated diaper bag (which might seem counterintuitive to some). It’s not because I don’t have enough stuff between the three kids. Oh no! Rather, it’s because I now finally understand that none of that stuff is truly needed. As long as I can stuff a diaper and wipes in my back pocket, I am golden.

But for those of you who like to be a bit more organized, I wanted to share Ajay’s very personal Batuaa wristlet. Until he is old enough to stuff it with his own treasures, I use it to pack it with essentials - couple of diapers, wipes, disinfectant soap, some mini toys and snack, a disposable plastic bag. All of it fits nicely into the wristlet which then gets thrown into my big purse or hooked on my smaller shoulder bag or on the stroller. Genius!